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Hot off the Press!  The 2020 edition of Stallions & Mares of the Wild Chincoteague Pony Herd by DSC Photography. 
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Bookshop.org - A new resource that supports independent bookstores

You may be seeing news stories about Bookshop.org -  an online bookstore with a mission to financially support independent bookstores and give back to the book community. Bookshop believes that bookstores are essential to a healthy culture of readers and writers and are anchors for downtowns and communities. As more and more people buy their books via large online retailers, Bookshop wanted to create an easy, convenient way for you to get your books and support local, independent bookstores at the same time. Every time someone purchases a book via Bookshop.org, all affiliated independent bookstores earn a commission. You can continue to purchase books, e-books and audiobooks using this website, as many of our independently published local books are not available via Bookshop.org.  Or feel free to check out our Bookshop.org site. 

Announcing an easier way to purchase E-Books and Audio books from Sundial! 

Sundial Books is pleased to announce our new partnership with Hummingbird Digital Media to provide an easier way to purchase E-books and Audiobooks from us. Now when you go to a specific book page on our site, next to the 'add to cart' button, you'll also see a 'buy the e-book' link. Click on the link and you'll be taken to our new Hummingbird site to buy your e-book. Signing up is very simple and you can read your e-book on (almost) any reader, tablet, phone, laptop, etc. Interested in Audiobooks?  Click on the Hummingbird block above to choose your new audiobook. Unlike many audiobook retailers, this is not a subscription service so you can purchase audiobooks one at a time. We're excited to offer these new - and easier - options for you to purchase books from us in any format you choose.