Trophies (Paperback)

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Trophies (Paperback)


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Marion Zane re-created herself to achieve the title of L.A.'s top Trophy—with a faithful husband, loyal fellow-Trophy friends, queen-bee status over the Hollywood "name-above-the-title" charities, and, best of all, no prenup! So why is she so nervous?

Maybe she's forgotten that in L.A. enemies can come disguised as girlfriends. And when she impulsively breaks the unwritten code by stepping on another Trophy's charity turf, it's a fatal mistake.

Drugged and framed by a jealous rival and her powerful mystery partner, Marion finds herself abandoned by her husband, left penniless, her deepest secrets rudely exposed. Undaunted, she hides her newfound poverty while dreaming of regaining her love, social position, and dermatologist. But when forced to choose between vilification or re-enthronement at the price of betraying a friend, Marion is torn. After all, Marion Zane didn't become Marion Zane by fair play alone.

Heather Thomas starred as Jody Banks in TV's The Fall Guy from 1981 to 1986. She left acting in 1998 to pursue a screenwriting career. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.

Product Details ISBN: 9780061580352
ISBN-10: 006158035X
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Publication Date: March 24th, 2009
Pages: 592
Language: English

“You’ll love the fearless, powerful women in Trophies—flawlessly draped in Vera Wang, manicured hands pushing buttons while scratching their way to the top—the secret power brokers of Los Angeles. Heather Thomas has written a stiletto-heel-sharp satiric romp.” — Arianna Huffington

“Made me laugh out loud...ironic, smart and surprisingly touching.” — Harrison Ford

“In this celebrity-driven culture, you probably think you know this world. You don’t. Not until your read this delightful and insightful first novel by Heather Thomas.” — Norman Lear

“Most torrid novel by a Hollywood wife” — Daily News

Required reading. — New York Post

“Beach books’ social-climbing wars more often take place in New York or California. And “Trophies,” (is) a Hollywood wives story by the actress Heather Thomas, who can write a Jackie Collins book about as well as Ms. Collins can, stages them with gusto. — New York Times

A beachy read. — Los Angeles Times

“Heather Thomas has penned an engaging yarn about the pampered wives of L.A.’s moneyed elite.” — Variety

“A terrific beach read…dishy tale!” — Larry King

“It’s not chick-lit, it’s broad-lit!” — Phyllis Diller