Victims of a Failed Civics (Paperback)

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A surreal and speculative poetry detailing the edges of social interactions; a poetry mapping the social relationships calmly executed around madness. A man who admires the wolf at his door. A daughter who is increasingly unmanageable as she transforms into a mule. A woman who cannot stop growing to match the gargantuan intruder in her yard. A town brings its children to a dark master to learn to dance. Broken characters dealing with the unreality of their lives, interacting with each other in an unpredictable social landscape where the normal laws of civics, biology, and physics become blurred and changeable.

About the Author

Ken Poyner's poetry and fiction has appeared in more than three hundred magazines and journals, to include "The Alaska Quarterly Review", "The Iowa Review", "The Kansas Quarterly", "Poet Lore", and "Analog Science Fiction and Fact". He resides with his wife, various rescue cats, and house fish, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His other books include "Constant Animals", short unruly fictions; "Sciences, Social", a chapbook of poetry; and "Cordwood", a chapbook of poetry.
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ISBN: 9780692775219
ISBN-10: 0692775218
Publisher: Barking Moose Press, LLC
Publication Date: October 8th, 2016
Pages: 94
Language: English