Echoes of Silence (Hardcover)

Echoes of Silence By Christy Wall Cover Image

Echoes of Silence (Hardcover)


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Paul Derick was a cattle rancher. He spent his life protecting his family and his ranch. He understood the sun and the rain, the wind, and the blizzards that swept across the broad Wyoming plains. Those were enemies he could see and fight. But he could not protect his family from the sorrow that pervaded his home. His once happy daughter was now only a dull shadow wrapped within her silence. Until one day, her sister threw open the door of their home and with flashing eyes, cried out 'The horses are here '. With that burst of light, the darkness cracked and hope found its way.

Product Details ISBN: 9798886795325
Publisher: Luminare Press
Publication Date: May 29th, 2024
Pages: 290
Language: English