Blood Covering El Paso Trail (Hardcover)

Blood Covering El Paso Trail By Bill Handy Cover Image

Blood Covering El Paso Trail (Hardcover)


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Just after the Civil War ended, Reverend John Williams was called to take over a church in El Paso, Texas. He enlists Deputy Sheriff Elijah Adams to protect him on his journey, which begins at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Along the way, they face many trials, but with the power of the Holy Spirit to guide their path, lives are saved and lost. A spiritual battle has begun. They are led on a mission they never expected to take.

Elijah Adams was a former soldier in the Confederate Army and sheriff in El Paso, Texas. He embarks on this adventure with two different goals in mind: first, to protect the reverend at all cost and, second, to find out why his parents' letters from El Paso stopped coming a few months ago.

When the journey becomes filled with prejudice and hatred, a battle begins in Elijah's heart and mind. Does he continue to live the way he was taught as a child, or will he listen to the reverend when he shows him the Bible teaches all people are in the family of God and everyone bleeds the same?

With the enemy always on their heels, children being kidnapped, and families on the run, causing lives to be changed, will Elijah be able to protect the reverend and make it to El Paso? Will he find peace for his troubled soul? Or will all he find is blood covering the El Paso trail?

Product Details ISBN: 9798893453058
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Publication Date: February 29th, 2024
Pages: 512
Language: English